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How to land a hot job in the UAE – Part 1

How to land a hot job in the UAE – Part 1

How to land a hot job in the UAE – Part 1


by WeSource

18 Jan 2018

Do the Prep

As a recruiter for over 20 years, I can tell you why 70% of applicants do not land a job as fast as they should. It’s all about your resume. In the early days, we would linger over every line… today we use algorithms and key words to make an intelligent pick of the right resumes. If your resume is not in the right format, and you are being assessed in a pool of say 500 applications, chances are you won’t get a call. There are plenty of web tools and portals that help you build a job-ready and search-efficient resume. Browse online and get to work.

Do the Grooming

Philosophers, researchers and creative professionals can afford to look any which way. Rest of us need to fall in line, because the first impression is the best impression. Get yourself a season-friendly formal attire. Pay attention to your hair, nails and footwear.

Do the registration

I don’t have to name them, but there are at least eight job portals that focus on jobs in Dubai. In addition, there are a number of HR companies that will accept your resume on their website. Register with as many as you can.

Do the networking

Applying online will get you a job. Going through a reference will get you a job faster. Talk to friends, relatives, well wishers, or write a short intro about yourself on Linkedin and Tag the person whom you think will refer you to the next job.

Do the right thing

As a job seeker, I understand you are in the country only for a limited period, you have expenses during your stay, but you cannot expect the recruiter to hire you within your time limit. Do not start your cover letter with the all too familiar line… I am on a visit visa which is expiring on….

Do not be desperate, reward will follow. The Holy Quran says: “He will make for him a way out and will provide for him from where he does not expect.”

Do the market scan

Which sectors are in demand? Do your skillsets fit into more than one sector? Are you applying to jobs in a sunrise or sunset vertical? You don’t have to do this research, I will be doing the market scan for you, in Part 2 of this article. Watch this space tomorrow.