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What Makes Women Run Businesses Different?

What Makes Women Run Businesses Different?

What Makes Women Run Businesses Different?


by WeSource

18 Jan 2018


Although many will stress that categorizing businesses based on what gender the management belongs to is a futile task. In our experience, and indeed across the industry, many have noticed a few key differences and defining features that set women-run businesses a class apart in their success and progress. With the changes we have witnessed through our experience with female leadership at our company, we decided to have a look at some of the critical differences that are remarkably apparent among women-run businesses. We shall also explore how these factors keep putting such organizations, like our own, on the top across the globe.

Unrelenting Optimism

As most business founders and leaders will agree, no organization can flourish without an extraordinary journey and fantastic origins that define the company's future. Organizations are frequently founded on a set of principles close to the founding members' hearts, tackling a need or requirement of society in an innovative manner.

With women-run businesses, this fact is even more pronounced, as most such organizations are founded on the basis of deeply personal experiences that led women leaders and entrepreneurs to establish an innovative operation and to turn it into a lucrative enterprise.

Objective Business Strategies

Another feature that comes to stark relief when we scrutinize women-run businesses' operations is the incredibly objective and mission-oriented strategies with which the corporation is operated. As evident from the case of many organizations, such as the New York City-based LoveBug Probiotics run by Ashley Harris, women-run businesses often actively seek to resolve grass-root level requirements and issues faced by society and do so with a clear and concise business approach.

Sweet Loren’s is another New York City-based enterprise run by Loren Brill that grew out of the need for non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, and organic cookie dough in the market.

Capitalizing such a trivial demand and turning it into a million-dollar business is often a hallmark of women-run companies globally.

Building Fruitful Relationships

Empathy is not an emotion linked only to women, but it may be argued that our social structure inspires women to enact and practice more compassion and consideration.

This strength and unique perspective translate very well into a business environment, allowing women-run businesses to create strategies that focus on building highly positive customer relations and market interaction, directly resulting in success.

Organizations that are led by women place comprehensive importance on building fruitful business relationships through empathic and considerate connections at the emotional level with their clients.

As apparent from the founding story of Kindred Bravely, women-led organizations are able to anticipate the needs of their clients better, resulting in more significant progress and success.


Though many may not agree with this discussion, the data undoubtedly throws each point into consideration and supports this narrative. When your company is out looking for new talent to fill the ranks, why not invest in the vision and determination of highly motivated women to take your organization to the top.

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